The Steve Katsos Show Production Team

The Steve Katsos Show Production Team is an amazing group of volunteers that create international prime-time television every week from a small cable access studio in Arlington, Massachusetts. 40 volunteers are used on show night and 20 more volunteers are used to produce and write the weekly show. The Steve Katsos Show is now seen in 12 countries and has a waiting list for talent of over 300 artists, actors, and authors that want to get an appearance on the show. The story of The Steve Katsos Show and its crew has been featured in The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and on many local radio shows including WBZ’s The Jordan Rich Show and WGBH’s The Callie Crossley Show.

Steve Katsos

Steve Katsos is the Greek in “Greek Boy, Go!” He believes that Ouzo can cure a cold. He is lucky to have his wife by his side and his dog in his bed. Steve’s idea to help starving artists actually turned him into one. Steve calls his crew “The SKS Tuesday Night Family.” When asked if he was the King of Late Night, Steve responded that he was the “Pauper of Late Night.” Steve believes that good things can still happen in a bad economy. He also considers his show the “Minor Leagues of Late Night Television!”

Lakis the Producer

Lakis the Producer had no idea what he was getting into when he agreed to help produce Steve’s show. Now 2 years later, Lakis is famous the world over for his silly comments and his willingness to be yelled at by Steve. Lakis loves his wife and son and has his dream cable access job at ACMi as the equipment manager. He is a big fan of Greek food and can be convinced to do anything for Baklava. Lakis hopes that everyone donates money to help Greece get out of debt.

Tony the Band Leader

Tony the Band Leader serves as the front man for Tony and The SKS House Band. He creates all the show’s original music with John, Paula, Phil, Eric, Kosta, and Mike. Tony is a barber in the town of Arlington during the day at Anthony’s Barber Styling. His claim to fame is that he used to cut Casey Affleck’s hair. Tony has a beautiful daughter and loves spending time with her. You can also find him playing Greek music at events in and around Boston! Tony gets angry when Steve goes to get a haircut at Susan’s Barber Shop.

Jim the Announcer

Jim the Announcer introduces Steve Katsos to the live audience every Tuesday night. He also likes to announce the “Volunteer of the Week” so that everyone knows that we still make no money. Steve likes Jim for his great voice and his ability to make Steve look thin. Jim likes long walks on the beach with his wife Tanya and he prefers Spanakopita over french fries.